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Hi! This is Kana:)

I decorated our hostel for Halloween with Satoshi!

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Today's guests already enjoyed atmosphere of the Halloween party!

As you know, we hold Halloween party and 6th anniversary party soon!!!!

I can't wait------!!!!!!

Please come here and join us!!!!

【Halloween party】
Date 31st Oct 2014
Time from 18:30
Dinner Price is around 1000 yen

Please bring a funny costume:)
Dress up and enjoy Halloween!

【6th anniversary party】
Date 1st Nov 2014
Time from 19:00

We will provide free food and drink
 for the guests staying in our place,
and it's 500 yen for the guests who do not stay.

We are looking forward to seeing you here in Miyajima!

Hello, everyone!

We will hold our 6th anniversary party, a month later, on 1st November!

We will provide free food and drink for the guests staying in our place,
and it's 500 yen for the guests who do not stay.

Let's enjoy with us!

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Hot and humid summer had gone and it is autumn harvest season now.
The followings are the events held in Hiroshima in October.

■Saijo SAKE Festival 2014
Saijo is known as one of famous sake brewing. region.
Every October, the autumn festival is held to introduce there new sake to visitors.

Place: Around Saijo JR Station (35 min by JR Sanyo Line from Hiroshima Station)
Date: 11th October - 12th October, 10 am - 5 pm

This is an annual event in Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima island.
"Kikka" means chrysanthemum, which is the representative flower inJapanese autumn.
In this festival,
ancient court dance is performed.

Place: Daishoin Temple, Miyajima
Date:15th October, 5 pm -

■Hiroshima Food Festival
It's a harvest season!
Various kinds of food particular to certain area of Hiroshima are gathered.

Place: Hiroshima Castle, Hiroshima Central Prk
Date: 25th October - 26th October, 10 am - 5 pm

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Hi ! This is Kana:)

Even Japanese summer holidays (Obon) are ending,

many guests are still here!!!

After long rainy days,we went to camping and BBQ twice a week!

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This is picture of first camping.

In the afternoon, after dinner, and midnight, we swam 3 times!!

It was sooooo chilly!!!

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Beer pong game start!!!

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Many guests extend their stay and joined us.

It was so fun nights!

Thank you guys for your long staying!!!!

Hello, it is Mio.

The weather is changing from summer to autumn little by little.
The followings are the events held in Hiroshima in September.

■Hiroshima Beer Festival 2014
It's September but this beer festival is modeled after German Oktoberfest.
During this ten days events, the visitors can taste several kind of German beers and some local foods.

Place: Old Baseball Stadium Site (in front of A-Bomb Dome)
Date: 5th September - 15th September, 3 pm - 9 pm (Weekday), 11 am - 9 pm (Holiday)

■Miyajima Candle Light Festival MANTOE
The oldest temple on Miyajima, Daishoin Temple is illuminated hundreds of candles.
It is a common ceremony of Buddhist temple to pray for the world peace and to hold  a memorial service for our ancestors.

Place: Daishoin Temple, Miyajima
Date: 12th September - 14th September, 6 pm - 9 pm

It is Peace Memorial Day of Hiroshima tomorrow.

August 6th, it is the anniversary of the city's destruction and various kinds of events are held at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park all the day to remember the day and to pray for the world peace.

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Hello, it is Mio.

It's the height of summer now!

SUNDANCE is a Beach Party full of music and dancing from around the world, brought to you by musicians and artists claiming their name to fame right here in Hiroshima.
 Advance 3,000 yen,  On the day 3,500 yen

Place: Tsutsumigaura beach on Miyajima Island
Date: 3rd August, 10 am - 7 pm

■Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony
On 6th August, 1945, the city of Hiroshima was destructed by an atomic bomb.
Peace Memorial Ceremony is held to console the victims of the atomic bombs and to pray for the realization of world peace.

Place: Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
Date: 6th August, 8 am

■Miyajima Water Fireworks Dispray
The fireworks shot off from the sea are the high points in this events.
The scene of flowering fireworks beyond Otrii Gate attracts more than 300,000 visitors.
It is the busiest time in the year on Miyajima!

Place: Off shore from the Itsukushima Shrine Otorii Gate
Date: 11th August, 7:40pm

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Hi! This is Kana:)

Now we are playing Okinawa local music, wear Yukata, and

making Japanese Gyoza!

They have made it many times, so they already know how to make it.

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Mr Logan wear Yukata and cut it.

He looks really Japanese Samurai!!!!!!!

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We hold Gyoza party tonight!

Almost everyday we have this kind of party!

Come here and join us!


Hello, it is Mio.

An amazing festival "Kangen-Sai" were held last night on the island of Miyajima.

It is a floating festival on the beautifully decorated boats.
One boat is for three goddesses of Itsukushima shrine and musicians of classic court music take other boats.

The boats run between Itsukushima shrine and mainland at midnight.

I wondered if it was held because it was raining heavily early in the morning.
But in the evening, the rain was stop and the boats set sail for calm sea.

It was very fantastic appeared on lanterns on the dark sea.

kangen (400x226).jpg

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Hi! This is Kana:)

Wonderful sky after a tpyhoon has passed!

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It's a sunny day today!

I will wear Japanese Yukata and waiting for your coming tonight!!!

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And on Saturday 12th July,

we gonna camping to Miyajima Island!

We leave hostel around 15:00.
you can join anytime until 22:40:)

We have tent,BBQ,sleeping bags.

Please bring alcohol,cigarette,jacket and bikini!!!!

It must be fun night!!!

Please join us!!!

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