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Hello, it is Mio.

Tonight our chef Yoshi is frying Tempura!

soto (400x223).jpg

Spring vegetables are delicious when it is fried as Tempura.

IMG_0465 (400x299).jpg
Last weekend,we had BBQ party!!

Eating,talking and dancing!

We really enjoyed that time:) 

IMG_0487 (400x299).jpg
From USA,France,UK,AG,Germany,Brazil...

Guest from all of world are coming everyday.

We are talking about each country's stuff with good dinner is making Yoshi:)

Even though I am always stay here,

I am feeling like a trip to around world!

IMG_0481 (400x299).jpg
Sushi Party!

IMG_0483 (400x299).jpg
In Hiroshima, there are many good foods.

But you can not have this kind of party anywhere in Hiroshima!

I can say this is most special dinner in Hiroshima!

IMG_0491 (400x299)2.jpg
If you meet some Japanese guests,you can know Japanese culture!

Please enjoy your staying in Miyajima!

We are looking forward to seeing you here!


Hello, it is Mio.

It is the best season of cherry blossom just now.
Therefore, it seems every hostel is booked out these days.

After the cherry blossom season, the next busy season is the first week of May.
There are some continuing public holidays in that week and many Japanese people go on a trip.

If you are planning to visit Japan in that period, I really suggest that you should try yo get a reservation of hostels or highway bus tickets in advance.

There are some vacancies in our hostel.
Please make reservation as early as possible.  

Hello, it is Mio.

When you come to Japan in spring, you may see beautiful cherry blossom and a lot of people who put masks.

In many cases, it protects against hay fever caused by cedar pollen.
It is estimated that there are about 12 million people who suffer from hay fever in Japan.

Actually, I am also allergic to pollen and sneezing everyday.

Even if you rarely have any symptoms of hay fever, it suddenly attacks you.

kahun (400x317).jpg

Hello, it is Mio.

Yesterday, we collaborated with a TV program production company and we had special guests.

They are "Untouchable Shibata" who is a comedian widely known in Japan and Eric who is from Kenya!

IMG_0626 (420x315).jpg

Eric made a Kenyan dinner and had a great time with us.

IMG_0629 (400x300).jpg

Hello, it is Mio.

Today's our meal is Shakshuka!

Shakshuka is a Middle Eastern and North African dish of eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce.

It's a little spicy but very good!

shakshuka (400x225).jpg

Hello, it is Mio.

The consumption tax rate is raised from 5% to 8% on April 1 in Japan.

Now, people purchase large amount of daily necessaries before consumption taxes rise.

Moreover, a further increase to 10% is scheduled for October 2015.

There have been concerns that such a change may hurt domestic demand for products.

Our accommodation fee is not changed by the consumption tax but is variable according to the season.

Room rates 2014

We will close on March 3rd due to the building maintenance.
We are going to restart our usual business from 4th March.
Thank you.

Hello, it is Mio.

Heavy snow hit eastern Japan and disrupted traffic in Tokyo last weekend. The delays of train and cancel fright were affected a lot of passengers.

In Hiroshima it is not so heavy snowing, but the mountain is covered with snow.

And the air is freeing cold!

miyajimaguchi (400x215).jpg

Hello, it is Mio.

Tonight everyone started to play Kendama suddenly!

Kendama is a kind of chirdren's game.
Players toss the ball upwards and try to catch it on the big cup, center cup, small cup or the tip of the sword.

Moreover our Hatsukaichi city is known as the birthplace of Kendama.

Let's play Kendama with us!

kendama (263x350).jpg

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