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Hi! This is Kana!

My friend came to Miyajima by hitchhiking!

It has passed half year since I came here.

I knew many things about Island.

Now I can explain for you what a point, what a good place.

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From Miyajimaguchi(our hostel's side) to Miyajima Island,

There are 2 ferry companies.

"JR ferry" and " Matsudai ferry". 

If you have JR rail pass, you can take JR ferry for free.

If you don't have that, you can take both companies.

In that case, it better to buy one way ticket because

it gonna be same price to buy return tickets,

and you don't know which ferry do you take when you back.

Also if you take JR  ferry from 9 am to 16 pm,
you will see "Otori-gate" from the ferry.

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On the ferry, please get the right side.

You will see Otori-gate in front of you!

After pass that, the Mountain which is behind the gate

looks like a half Buddha's face!!

Can you see that?

Come here and see that!!!

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Hi:) This is Kana:)

SPRING AIRLINE started to flight from Tokyo (Narita) to Hiroshima!

Direct flight takes only around 58$ for one way.

It is cheaper than night bus!!!


Time to come to Hiroshima!!!

Check this web site!!


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Hi! This is Kana:)

It's gonna be hot day by day in here.


We got Olympic sized kid'z swimming pool!!!

IMG_1129 (400x299).jpg
At first, please check this pool rules....

Are you ready?

IMG_1112 (400x299).jpg
Let's start swimming after check in.

It's sooo chilly!!!

Please join us and enjoy summer!


Hello, it is Mio.

When you are waiting for a ferry to go to Miyajima Island, you will find a lot of gold fish lanterns over your heads.

kingyochochin (344x400).jpg

This is a traditional craft of the town of Yanai.

Yanai is located Yamaguchi prefecture, an hour and a half from Miyajimagushi by JR Sanyo Line.
There are some traditional architectures, soy source factories and interesting museums.
Moreover, when you visit Yanai town on 13th August, you can meet the gold fish lantern festival.
On the day, the charming town is decorated thousands of gold fish lanterns and large size lantern cars are paraded the main street.

Hello, this is Mio.

A new sushi restaurant "Hanamizuki" was opened last week in Miyajimaguchi.

It is at the second floor so that you can enjoy both the nice viewing and tasty foods.
Located a grate place just next to the JR ferry terminal.

hanamizuki (400x300).jpg

The cable car on Miyajima Mt. Misen will stop the operation between 7th July 2014 and 18th July 2014 due to the maintenance.
However, you can enjoy the nice view from Mt.Misen after 90 min hiking by your own foot.

By the way, a typhoon is getting closer to western Japan and starting to Japan tour this week.
If you are traveling in Japan this week, please check the weather forecast and prepare for the heavy rain before you head to the next destination.

Hello, it is Mio.

The following is an artwork of Japanese calligraphy called "Shodo".

ji (400x294).jpg

The meaning of these letters is "Miyajima".

Today a Shodo artist visited our hostel and introduced some of his works.
Most Japanese people learned Shodo at elementary school but it is difficult to wright such a stylish letter, 

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Hi!This is Kana :)

We saw Japan's game today!!!

Even it was morning, we were exiting!

IMG_0834 (400x299).jpg
Kick off at 10 am!!


Oh yeah-----!!!!

Oh No-------!!!!!!

IMG_0833 (400x299).jpg
Thank you guys for your support Japan team!!!!

Let's wake up early and see next game together!!!

World Cup 2014 Next Japan's game

7:00 am 20th June vs Greece
5:00 am 25th June vs Colombia


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Hi! This is Kana:)

We had a farewell party for Andrew!

He stayed here for 6 months.

His friends,guests, and staff members,

around 20 people came and joined BBQ!!!!

IMG_0809 (400x299).jpg
We gave surprise for him!

A toaster and message card!

Then he gave a speech for us.

IMG_0817 (400x300).jpg
Andrew & Staff members!!

We were always together as family!

Thank you very much for your long staying!

Do you wanna live together as our family?

We are looking forward to having you here!!


We will close on 19th June due to the building maintenance.
We are going to restart our usual business from 20th June.
Thank you.
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