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Hi! This is Kana:)

We held Thanks Party on the last day before we close for renovation work.

Every guests and our friends joined the party!!!!

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Our boss Hisa cooked the dinner for the guests.

Cheese fondue / Ahijo / Pizza

also prepared free beer, red wine, and soft drinks!

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A musician came from Tokyo!!!!
His name is Takahiro Iwata.

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The sweet voice makes us peaceful.
"Arigato" means thank you ,he sing a song.

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Guests start to dancing!!!!!

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Sorry!!! My photos are not clear because I am also dancing!!!!!!

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Thank you ladies!

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Thank you guys!!!

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Thank you guys!!!

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Who are you guys?

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Thank you guys!!!!! We love you!!!!!!!

Now we start to renovate our hostel.

Even we close our hostel until early March,
it will be more fun and comfortable hostel!!!!!

We are looking forward to seeing you when we reopen!!!!!


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Merry Christmas!!!!

We hold Christmas party on 24th and 25th Dec!

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Thank you for your joining the party!!!
We were happy to had a time with many guests.

See you in next Christmas!!!!


                             !!!!!!!Big news!!!!!!!!

We are going to reopen in early March 2015!!!

We have newly established a cafe & bar space in the ground floor.
You can drink and talk with the guests and Japanese local people!!

Our hostel will be closed from the 12th January till early March 2015
for the renovation work.

We are looking forward to seeing you here in new Backpackers Miyajima!!!

Come here and drink with us!!!

The price for 1 person/night in 2015.

*Our hostel is closed from 12 January to 12 March for a renovation work.

JAN.   1-4:   2500 JPY
          5-11:  2300 JPY

MAR  13-31: 2500 JPY

APR.  1-28:  2500 JPY
         29,30  2800 JPY

MAY  1-6:   2800 JPY
          7-31: 2500 JPY

JUN.  1-30:  2500 JPY

JUL.  1-17:  2500 JPY
        18,19: 2800 JPY
        20-31  2500 JPY

AUG. 1-4:   2500 JPY
        5-15:  2800 JPY
       16-31: 2500 JPY

SEP. 1-18:  2500 JPY
         19-23: 2800 JPY
         24-31: 2500 JPY

OCT.  1-9:   2500 JPY
        10,11: 2800 JPY
        12-31: 2500 JPY

NOV. 1-20: 2500 JPY
       21,22: 2800 JPY
       23-30: 2500 JPY

DEC.  1-30: 2500 JPY
            31: 2800 JPY

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(This is a image photo of autumn color)

Hi! This is Kana!

The maple-leaves going to turn red in Miyajima Island little by little.

The best season is from around middle of November to end of November.

There are a lot of maple trees in "Momijidani-park".
I really wanna recommend trekking from that park to Mt, Misen.
You will see a beautiful nature and Setonai Ocean view there.

We are looking forward to seeing you here in Miyajima!


The ferry pier at Miyajimaguchi was renewed in the process of renovation of Miyajimaguchi harbor area.

newpier (450x204).jpg

The ticket counter is remained as it was but a new floating pier is added.
During the construction, Miyajimaguchi is changed day by day.

kojisitemasu (450x265).jpg

Hiroshima is a famous as a  good place for oyster firming and the best season of oyster is coming now.

There is a lot of oyster restaurants called "Kaki-Goya" in Hiroshima.
Most of them offer fresh and high-quality oysters at a low price because they are managed by fisherman and oyster farmers.

At Kaki-Goya, the customers purchase oysters or other sea foods and then grill them by themselves with BBQ prepared in advance.

oysterplate (400x344).jpg
The manholes in Hiroshima depict Oysters on the surface.

Due to renovations taking place in the Miyajimaguchi ferry pier,
the Miyajima ferry landing will be relocated in late October.

The detales can be found in the following link.

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Free accommodation staffs have to do some work here, but can stay at our place for free!

If you are interested, please contact us.

The period of the time to stay here must be over 2 weeks.

Let's have fun together!


Please contact us by email.

Rep: Hisa


We will close on 25th September due to the building maintenance.
We are going to restart our usual business from 26th September.
Thank you.
TEL : +81-829-56-3650
Skype : backpackersmiyajima
Mail Form : Click Here
1-8-11 Miyajimaguchi,Hatsukaichi-shi,Hiroshima