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(This is a image photo of autumn color)

Hi! This is Kana!

The maple-leaves going to turn red in Miyajima Island little by little.

The best season is from around middle of November to end of November.

There are a lot of maple trees in "Momijidani-park".
I really wanna recommend trekking from that park to Mt, Misen.
You will see a beautiful nature and Setonai Ocean view there.

We are looking forward to seeing you here in Miyajima!


The ferry pier at Miyajimaguchi was renewed in the process of renovation of Miyajimaguchi harbor area.

newpier (450x204).jpg

The ticket counter is remained as it was but a new floating pier is added.
During the construction, Miyajimaguchi is changed day by day.

kojisitemasu (450x265).jpg

Hiroshima is a famous as a  good place for oyster firming and the best season of oyster is coming now.

There is a lot of oyster restaurants called "Kaki-Goya" in Hiroshima.
Most of them offer fresh and high-quality oysters at a low price because they are managed by fisherman and oyster farmers.

At Kaki-Goya, the customers purchase oysters or other sea foods and then grill them by themselves with BBQ prepared in advance.

oysterplate (400x344).jpg
The manholes in Hiroshima depict Oysters on the surface.

Due to renovations taking place in the Miyajimaguchi ferry pier,
the Miyajima ferry landing will be relocated in late October.

The detales can be found in the following link.

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Free accommodation staffs have to do some work here, but can stay at our place for free!

If you are interested, please contact us.

The period of the time to stay here must be over 2 weeks.

Let's have fun together!


Please contact us by email.

Rep: Hisa


We will close on 25th September due to the building maintenance.
We are going to restart our usual business from 26th September.
Thank you.

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We Want You!

We will offer free accommodation to volunteers 
to help the disaster restoration work at Asaminami area!

On 20th August, a landslide was happened by heavy rain at Asa area, 
the northern Hiroshima, and it carried away the entire town.
At this moment, a lot of houses are still buried and 
some people have not returned home but there is no knowing 
when the town will return to the way it was before.
They stand in need of help to remove the sand or stones from the town,

Then, we will offer free accommodation to those 
who participate in volunteer work.

The followings are the details about that.

1. Please ask Hiroshima Volunteer Center or
 some NPOs and make sure the activities and the date 
 when the volunteers can be accepted.
2. When you find your volunteer position, 
 please make the reservation with the application form in our website. 
Please write "Asa volunteer" in the comments field.
3. When you arrive at the reception of the Volunteer Center, 
you have to sign in some forms. When you fill out the form, 
please take a photo of them. They are to certify that you participated in the volunteer work.
4. Please show us the photo of the form when you check-in our hostel.

The conditions apply to free accommodation:
- The staying for the night of the day you work as a volunteer is free. 
It is NOT the night BEFORE the day of the work.
- A reservation beforehand is required.
- We do not provide or arrange volunteer activities. 
Please check the volunteer organizations to find them in advance.
- It is until 25th December 2014.
- It is up to 5 days.
- Except for holidays and a day before holidays

List of volunteer organizations
- Hiroshima City Disaster Volunteer Center
- Megumi JAPAN
- Volunteer INFO

Things you should bring
- Clothes protect your skin from rubble and fallen trees
- Spare clothes
- Helmet
- Safety boots
- Dust mask
- Work gloves
- Your food and drink
- Insurance policy

Hello, it is Mio.

We are very glad to meet a lot of guests at our hostel in this summer.
Thank you very much everyone!

Our next task is RENOVATION! 

First, the entrance floor has improved by putting new floor sheet.
before (300x400).jpgbefore
after (300x400).jpgafter!

Don't you think the atmosphere of the room changed a lot?

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Hi! This is Kana:)

I will explain how to get to Itsukushima Shrine!

It takes only 10 minutes by walk from the ferry terminal.

There are 3 fun ways.

DSC_1677 (400x267).jpg
This is sea side street.

Here is good air ,good wind,and good view.

There are a lot of wild deer on this street!

They can eat anything like a map, ticket, bill,plastic, of course every foods!

Please look out your stuff, and don't give them any foods!

DSC_1685 (400x267).jpg
One inside street, there are many souvenir stores and restaurants.

Waffle shaved maple leaf and broil oyster is special food in here!

However, almost shops will be closed around 17:00.

Please get it before that time!

DSC_1683 (400x267).jpg
Most inside street is " Machiya street".

Here is not many tourist, so quiet.

There are few local shops, one art gallery,and cafe.

Actually this one is my favorite street because

I can see life of local people and I think this is real Miyajima Island:)

When you come to Miyajima,

Please walk on those 3 streets!!

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Hi! This is Kana!

My friend came to Miyajima by hitchhiking!

It has passed half year since I came here.

I knew many things about Island.

Now I can explain for you what a point, what a good place.

DSC_1580 (400x267).jpg
From Miyajimaguchi(our hostel's side) to Miyajima Island,

There are 2 ferry companies.

"JR ferry" and " Matsudai ferry". 

If you have JR rail pass, you can take JR ferry for free.

If you don't have that, you can take both companies.

In that case, it better to buy one way ticket because

it gonna be same price to buy return tickets,

and you don't know which ferry do you take when you back.

Also if you take JR  ferry from 9 am to 16 pm,
you will see "Otori-gate" from the ferry.

10609683_10203395391224365_4361810932507282861_n (400x299).jpg
On the ferry, please get the right side.

You will see Otori-gate in front of you!

After pass that, the Mountain which is behind the gate

looks like a half Buddha's face!!

Can you see that?

Come here and see that!!!

TEL : +81-829-56-3650
Skype : backpackersmiyajima
Mail Form : Click Here
1-8-11 Miyajimaguchi,Hatsukaichi-shi,Hiroshima