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Hello, it is Mio.

One of our free-accommodation staff Ben are leaving Backpackers Miyajima!

He had stayed in our place for almost one year and we had a great time with him.

He is going to live in Saitama with his wife.

I hope you'll be happy forever!

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My name is Kana.

I am from Sapporo Hokkaido.

I like to take a photo,make a button from a bough,listen music,

I love nature,sleeping,organic agriculture,handmade and coffee with milk.

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I have been around world for a 1year and half.

To Asia,Middle East,East Europe,Middle and South America.

I can not speak English very well.
But I study English now.
Please teach me English and your native language,

I am looking forward to having you here in Miyajima!


Hello, it is Mio.

One of our staff Ken will leave BPM this weekend.
He is flying away from Japan and traveling around Southeast Asian countries.

I hope he can sufficiently enjoy a farewell party for him tomorrow.

Thank you and good luck, Ken!

We have a new free-accommodation staff Yoko this week.

She is from Yokohama and now working at her family's company in Hiroshima.
She was living in Australia on a working holiday before, so can speak English fluently.
She is looking forward to see the guests from all over the world!


Hello, it is Mio.

Last night our one of free accommodation staff Yoshiya left BPM.
We gave him a message T shirt as a gift.
He had worked in our hostel for 8 months and helped us very much.

His best friend Ken-chan is so disappointed now without him.
Does anyone become his new friend?

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Today, 3 junior high school students came to our hostel to have a job experience.

They cleaned beds and shower rooms and practiced attending guests both in English and Japanese.

I hope it will be good experience for them.

Today is the last day to see Nobu-chan at Backpackers MIyajima.

She was one of a staff of BPM and had worked for 6 months.

In this summer she will go to the United States to study.

Thank you and enjoy your college life!

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Hello!!  My name is Nobu!!

Please call me Nobu-chan !!!


My hobby is dancing.

I'm studying English now.

Please talk with me !!!!




Hello. I'm Mio. I'm a new staff of BPMiyajima.

Before I came to Miyajima, I had lived in Nagano pref. where encircled by the mountains. So I'm very attracted by the nice view of Setonaikai sea.

I'm looking forward to seeing you here in Miyajima.

Let's enjoy unique side of Japan with us!



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I'm Ayako (please call me Aya-chan) from Yamaguchi prefecture.

I love dogs, Melbourne, Australia, Glee, piano, tennis, Hugh Grant!!!!!

I am at Backpackers Miyajima once or twice a week, so if you are lucky, you will see me :P

Let's have a ball together at Backpackers Miyajima!!!!

Please feel free to ask me about Yamaguchi!!!

Aya-chan :)




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