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Our one of free accommodation staff Yoko will leaving from BPM tonight!

She had stayed at our hostel and worked on Miyajima Island and other places for about 1 year.

We were very happy to spend a lot of time with you, Yoko!

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I'm from TOKYO.19 years old.

Let's have a "Good time like a sweet late" in Backpackers Miyajima with us.

We are the one anytime in here.

I'm waiting for your coming.


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He talk with guests in the night in this hostel.
He really wanna speak in English.
Please come here and talk to this fresh guy!!!


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He is new free accommodation staff member, Alex!
Check this guy and drink together!

My name is Alex!
I'm from Toowoomba, QLD, Australia.

I grew up on a farm to be a coal miner when I left school.
I did it for 9 years then decided to travel the world.
But my favorite place is Hiroshima!
I never want to leave!!!!

Today is the very last day for Oksia!

Thank you and have a nice trip!

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Hi there!

I am Satoshi, just started working at BPM this month.

I was working in Okayama, and came back to my hometown Hatsukaichi.

I will do my best to make guests enjoy and feel comfortable.

Enjoy your stay in BPM!!!

Hi! This is Kana:)

New free acomodation staff members is coming! 
Check those girls:)

IMG_1163 (400x299).jpg
Li chan From Taiwan.
She really wanna come to Japan.
She came here to just work here for 2 weeks.
Can speak English and Japanese.
IMG_1164 (400x299).jpg
Please come here and talk with me!!
She will stay here until around 20th August.

IMG_1166 (400x299).jpg
One more girl!
Natsumi chan from Hiroshima,Jpan!
She study cultural exchange in  
She is interested in talking with other country people.
That's why she decide to stay here!!!
She will be here until middle of September. 

IMG_1167 (400x299).jpg
Come here and swim together!Enjoy summer!!!

Hi! This is Kana.

Here is introduction of our new staff member!

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I am Oksia from Poland. 

I was studying Japanese culture so I can speak a little Japanese. 

I really enjoy being in Japan. I love japanese food, people, landscapes and Miyajima.

 I also like to meet people from around the world.

 If you have time we can talk and drink some vodka.

 IMG_1099 (400x299).jpg

She will stay here until September.

Please come here to meet a sweet girl Oksia !!

Hi! This is Kana:)
New free acomodation staff member is coming! 
Check this guy!

IMG_0792 (400x299).jpg
My name is Logan.  
I am a chef from Northern California.  
I love whiskey, food, rock and roll, tattoos, 
burbon, pretty girls, cold beer and more whiskey. 

I look forward to meeting you, 
partying and having you eat the tasty things
Yoshi and I will be cooking this summer! 
Party hard, get naked, bring whiskey!

IMG_0787 (400x299).jpg
Logan's cooking is awesome!
His friends came here then cooked mussel together!
It was fun night!!!

Please join us and drink together with him!!!


Hi! This is Kana:)

I will introduce our staff members!

IMG_0776 (400x299).jpg

Our Boss, Hisa!

This guy can play wood bass!
He come here only one time per week,
If you meet him, you are super lucky!!!!

IMG_3027blog2 (400x292).jpg

Regular staff member, Mio!

She have worked for Japanese Ryokan before.
So her hospitality is amazing!
She knows Japanese train very well.
Please ask her!!!

Regular staff member, Kana!

I am No.1 girl's drinker staff member!!!
But I can be high without alcohol.
Please make me drunk!!!!

IMG_0769 (400x299).jpg

Free accommodation staff, Yoshi!

I can say he is "Legend of Backpackers Miyajima"!!!
He have stayed here since 4,5 years before!!!
He is champion of Muay Thai.
Also his cooking is awesome!
We always make a good friendship with guests to eat his dinner together! 

IMG_0770 (400x299).jpg

Free accommodation staff, Yoko!
Yoko is from Yokohama!
She's hobby is cooking sweets,leaning  French, Hawaiian massage, a lot!
But I wanna recommend you to see her tap dancing!!!
She will show you her dancing anywhere anytime!

IMG_0777 (400x299)2.jpg

Free accommodation staff, Sachiko! (sorry for no picture)

She can speaks in  English and Chinese.
And she is also leaning Italian now!
She usually stay here in the night!

And some fun staff members will be coming in this summer!!!!

We are looking forward to seeing you!!!


Hello, it is Mio.

It is the last night for Q-chan at our hostel!

She had stayed in our hostel for 2 weeks as a free accommodation staff.
We enjoyed a BBQ, Miyajima camping and some short trip together.

After Hiroshima, she is going to Hokkaido to see the last cherry blossom.

Thank you, Q-chan and you are always welcomed!

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