About Facilities
Q. Are there bathroom and toilet in the room?
All the showers, toilets, washingroom, kitchen, washing machine, and drying machine are for common usage.
They are open for 24 hours.
Hair dryer is set in the each washroom.
Q. Do you have carfew?
There is no carfer, but for crime prevention the entrance is locked automatically after 22:00.
When you re-enter, please use the night entrance on the right hand side of the building.
Q. Do you have internet access?
Yes, we provide Free Wi-Fi internet access in the Hostel.
Q. About smoking in the Hostel.
All the rooms and floors are Non-Smoking.
In case of you smoking in the Hostel, payment of penalty for 30,000 yen is required.
Smoking space is provided outside of the 1st floor.
If you are smoking after 22:00, please keep your volume nice and quiet and enjoy smoking not to bother neighbors.
Q. Do you have coin-operated washing machines?
Yes, there are a washer and a dryer on the 1st floor.
Q. About security lockers.
We provide the security lockers that you can keep your PC, valuables and so forth.
Q. Do you have parking space?
No, we do NOT have any parking space, we are afraid, but you may be able to park your vehicles at the parking lot right next to us.
There are more parking lots around us.
We do not have any parking fee discount, we are afraid.
About Services
Q. What are the Check-In and Check-Out time?
Our Check-In time is between 16:00 and 22:00.
After 22:00, the entrance is locked and the reservations will be cancelled.
Also, if you are arriving late, please contact us.
Our Check-Out time is 11:00.
If you are leaving early morning, please put your locker key into the "Key Drop Box" at the Frontdesk.
Q. Can you keep my luggage before Check-In and after Check-Out?
Yes, we can keep your luggage both before Check-In and after Check-out during the Frontdesk business hour (8:00-22:00).
You can pick up your luggage at the Frontdesk.
Q. Please tell me what you provide in the guestroom?
The Linens (the bed sheet and pillowcase) are ready on the bed in the gurest room.
Two-in-one shampoo and body soap are set in the washrooms.
There are a hair dryer in each washroom.
Q. About photocopying services.
We photocopy for you for 10 yen per paper (white & black, A4 size).
Q. Can I send my luggage to the Hostel ahead of time?
Yes you can. Please send your package to the address below:
Backpackers Miyajima
8-11 1 Cho-me Miyajimaguchi Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima
"Your Name / Check-In Date"
Please read the notice below before sending your package.

  • Please contact us at "b0320@backpackers-miyajima.com" to tell us which date your package is arriving and your Check-In date in advance.
  • We accept to receive your package from 2 days before your Check-In date.
  • We do NOT accept "cash-on-delivery".
  • In case of the big package (bigger than suitcase), we can NOT accept it due to of the limited space to keep luggage at the Hostel. Please contact us in advance.
  • We do NOT take your luggage to your room.
  • Please pick up your luggage at the Frontdesk.